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Discover now the movie "Rosie and the rainbow",a magical adventure happening within a hospital room.
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Welcome to the "Behind The Curtain" platform. This is where your journey begins, searching for the colours of the rainbow stolen by the "NOTHING".
A quest experienced by children hospitalized at the Lucerne Children's Hospital and at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), alongside the Giggle Doctors of the Theodora Foundation.
From these workshops was born a movie, "Rosie and the rainbow". Browse through these pages to discover the genesis.
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Just like laughter, art has always been recognized as a form of therapy. For hospitalized patients, it is a beacon in the dark.
The Giggle Doctors, artists of the Theodora Foundation, use performing arts during their daily visits in Swiss hospitals.
By stimulating their imagination, they allow hospitalized children to escape their reality and regain their carefree spirit.
"Behind The Curtain" is a new creative workshop offered to hospitalized children who, accompanied by Giggle Doctors, transform their hospital room into the stage of a magical adventure.
The hospital curtain is the gateway to an imaginary world that becomes reality.
Life at the hospital can be very stressful for a child. Reframing their physical environment like changing the grim attributes of an hospital curtain into something positive is a first step to help young patients escape a daily routine of uncertainty.
By stimulating their imagination, the Giggle Doctors give them the tools to face their fears and contribute to their development and well-being.
In June 2022, young patients from the Lucerne Children's Hospital and from the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) participated in the new "Behind The Curtain" creative workshops, accompanied by Giggle Doctors.
The result, "Rosie and the rainbow", is an ode to optimism, the story of a symbolic quest to find the stolen colors of a rainbow.
The children's boundless imagination, stimulated by the Giggle Doctors, gave birth to the idea behind the film. From the plot, the monster and to the different sets, nothing is left to chance.
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